The OCD Bug

I dug this one up from last year. Originally posted in the internal blogging site at work, this was part of a MEME.  In case  you have stumbled across this post and would like to take up it and list your own ‘bugs’, please feel free to do so 🙂

The OCD bug

Looks like when someone “Up Above” (who exactly that is, would be subjected to one’s discretion– it could be the stork, big bang theory, Supreme Power or Evolution, among other things) designed the most complex piece of hardware (the human body), the OS (the human mind) for some reasons was made an open sourced one. Such that, each piece of hardware has it own variations of firmware, replete with its own share of viruses and bugs.

Talking about bugs, OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) is one such, which apparently finds its way into most pieces of hardware and causes it to run certain pieces of code in almost an infinite loop (roughly translated as “Doing something, mostly unwanted, repeatedly”. Phew!)

Now, this piece of hardware has its share of this bug and here are some of those almost infinite loop executions:

Lock, check and two re-checks: Just before the hardware goes to sleep mode, this bug causes it to check if all the doors are locked. Once checked, the routine is traversed at least a couple more times, each time wiping out the result of previous execution, until it manages to reaffirm the hardware that the lock is in place. (Guess it’s a bed time workout? Huh!)

Walk and watch: At times, when hardware is focusing on cricketing action, this bug causes it to change from “resting-on-the-couch” orientation to “walking-around-in-circles” position, till the match ends. Else, the team might lose! Recently though, there is a new variation to this bug which executes itself only when the favorite team is batting in a T20 match. (That’s roughly just an hour and a half? Sigh of relief!)

Stare at walls (or timeline): The So-see-all, Not-working (Social Networking) variation of the bug, causes the hardware to standby in a ‘ready-to-respond’ mode and repeatedly scan the Facebook Wall (or Twitter timeline) for any notifications on self updates, or posts/tweets of interest, to weigh in. Regardless of the outcome, the routine gets re-executed every few minutes, unless the hardware chooses to override it by prioritizing another, err, useful task. (Thank God for work!)

You name it: When the name suggested for a technical symposium in College, followed by a group of conference rooms at work were approved, this bug manifested itself on to the hardware and has caused it be on the ‘look out mode’ for all possible opportunities to name anything under the sun. (Maybe that piece log out there needs a name, say, Dead-Wood? Ugh!)

Then there are few more like ‘keep-planning-a-trip-and-drop-it’, ‘buy-books-but-don’t-read-all-of-them’ etc. But now the hardware is has executed another one of the loops which is called ‘read-from- top-down –then -bottom-up’. Once satisfied and having posted this, it has jumped to ‘keep-looking-for-comments’, hoping you can think about some bugs in your hardware and list a few of them…