‘Kashtam’er Care

Have you ever had one of  those ‘unforgettable’ Customer Care experiences?

I had the privilege of being subjected to many such ‘pleasant’ ones as a customer.  It wouldn’t be unfair to have them nominated for some category of  “Customer Care Experience” awards.

The lost ‘tip’: My friend and I, after a long tiring day of shopping, walked up to this restaurant. The doorkeeper immediately rushed up to the door and slammed it shut in our face. It was his ‘polite’ way of indicating that the restaurant closes at 10 PM. It was few minutes past the closing time. And yes we weren’t royally robed. But at least looking at shopping bags with logos of various brands splashed across it, though it was from Mega Mart, he should have let us in. We just might have tipped him generously, say 2 bucks. Or even 5, maybe.

Pesky customer: 2 hours of valiant efforts (restarting the phone, re-inserting the SIM card) didn’t help with GPRS connectivity issue. As a last resort I called the customer care, rather reluctantly. The representative apparently had better things to do and suggested impatiently the restart/re-insert SIM card routine. The ego beating that the tech support alter ego of mine took withstanding, I gently insisted it was already ‘tried’. He hastily replied that I should try again after waiting for some more time and disconnected. OK! Sorry for being a pesky customer who interrupted whatever you were busy with officer.

All is well: A special (Mom and Dad’s anniversary) day was made even more memorable by this restaurant. Having forgotten the reservation we made, they forced our group of 8 in a table that would barely fit 5. Then they took more than an hour to serve the starters, most of what was ordered were unavailable. Icing on the cake was Chicken being served instead of Panner. My mom, a steadfast vegetarian, smelt it fishy (Chicken in this case). After gobbling up two pieces to reaffirm this, I pointed it out to the waiter. He took a bite himself and nonchalantly said “All is well. It’s just panner overcooked tasting like chicken”. On our way out, we asked the manager if they ever get customer feedback, to which beaming with pride he replied “Of course, we don’t”. Sigh!

If you have you had experiences of  exceeding hospitality, please do feel free to share them…


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