[55 Fiction] – Six Pack!

I have always been curious to try my hand at 55 fiction.

Here goes my maiden attempt. The first six!

 Strange encounter

Insomnia drove him to office at 6.30 AM. He went straight to the deserted cafeteria.

He was sipping coffee alone, when his acquaintance from housekeeping caught up with him.

After chatting for a while, he went to his desk.

On opening the mailbox, he froze.

That guy he just met had died the previous night.

Breaking the ice

She was the cynosure of all eyes at that ritzy event.

Decked in dazzling black – she was an angel in devil’s color.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her; desperate to talk.

She was struggling with the ice bucket. He stepped forward to help, accidentally knocking the bucket off her hands.

The ice was broken!

Gifts of Love

Madly in love, they seemed to be perfectly made for each other.

Their heavenly bonding was well and truly beyond the trivialities of materialistic charm.

Yet gifts were exchanged in abundance – as a testimony to their affection.

The most memorable gift was, of course, the one she gifted him last.

It was her wedding invitation.

Midnight summer

It was past midnight. Sleep was lost.

He was sweating profusely; choking for breath.

He hated every moment of it. A torture akin to marrying that one person you despise, the most!

He prayed for deliverance.  But there was no escape. No place to run or hide.

Power cut in summer – a trip to hell.

The Lord’s Devotee

He quickly jumped up the ranks and was touted to be The Lord’s successor in His drug cartel.

He skillfully thwarted many an attempt on The Lord’s life.

As His faithful devotee, he wouldn’t let anyone else even hurt Him.

And it remained that way till His end.

It was he who killed The Lord!

Free Lunch 

One of the perks of his job was those free lunches.

He loved it, especially if it was Friday. He could return home directly.

Unfortunately, for him, the elevator in his block was not functioning.

He was on 16th floor and labored his way up to 15.

Before realizing he was in the wrong block.


* I couldn’t resist having Six Pack as the title. Had to use it somewhere !


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