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How the mind perceives events during its nascent self ends up in shaping the way it acts/reacts to situations and the decision it makes. The course in which the river of life flows could be determined by a single action or that once decision. This is essentially what is described by The Butterfly Effect, which is a part of Chaos Theory.  Chaos – yes chaos.

December 6 1992:

Ameen’s mind, when young, unfortunately was fated to witness the cruel repercussions of heinous acts, of one selfish group of tortured souls, wreak havoc in his life. Someone’s act originating from a sole intent of spreading chaos took its wings and flew right into his tranquil life and brutally pecked away almost all traces of happiness.

When he rushed back home, he found out all that would be remaining is his life, besides the other sole survivor, were the memories and lessons that he learnt from his father. He had to find within himself the resolve to stick to the path of love and respect, that his father had pointed him towards, and not deviate from it.

February 14, 1998:

When Ashika’s friends had rushed to his doorstep with the news that she was caught in the midst of a clash that had erupted, it was déjà vu. It was at that moment Ameen had chosen to take a detour in the path paved for him, by his father. He didn’t want to lose her and vowed to himself that only people who love and respect others deserved to be reciprocated and the ones who didn’t had to be taught a lesson by being given a dose of their own medicine.

With this new found fury, he raced to the scene. Unaware to himself, the rage had given him a tunnel vision. He reached there with the sole intent of hatred and disrespect and didn’t think twice before striking Amar, who was there trying to save Ashika.

Ashika crying out “AMEEN” should have brought him to the right senses the first time around. But sadly it didn’t. Now there was blood in his hands. Blood that he wanted to wash away, but it refused to go. Everything had happened so quickly. Amar, on the first occasion had taken a blow from him.  And then he had taken a blow for him.

When the blow was from him, Ameen was able to make amends and bring back Amar. But when the blow was taken for him, there was nothing he could do. It was fatal. Fate intervened yet again, with a message that hatred begets more hatred and easily destroys love. Death had done Amar and Ashika part.

Ameen had a lot of questions that needed answering, but no one would be doing it for him. Ashika never spoke to him again. She had decided to seek solace by distancing herself from him. She accepted her onsite assignment and flew far away. Whenever he mustered the courage to contact her, she never responded. After a while he gave up.

Ameen always believed in his heart that Amar would have been the ideal one for Ashika and wanted them to get married. He was furious because neither of them, he thought, trusted him enough. His plan was to tell them on that ill-fated afternoon. But destiny had other plans. His buttery effect moment, the decision to deal hatred with hatred on that Feb 14, actually had its roots in the events of that Dec 6. Chaos was the loss of Amar.

Now Ameen knew that only true love can overcome hatred. He was again left with memories and little bit of hope. Memories of what hatred had taken away from his life – first his father, then his dearest friend Amar. Hope for a miracle to bring some sunshine into his life.

Slowly, and steadily, the city of Coimbatore was recovering from Valentine day’s disaster of 1998. Ameen just wished that Ashika would somehow find it in her heart to forgive him, her brother…

 —— Life goes on with hope —–


Till death do us part – Chapter 5

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Silence, strangely, can be deafening at times. The car was on its way back from the railway junction and there was a turbulent quietude as the occupants were lost in thoughts of their own.

Is it too late? I should tell him at least now” This was Amar.

So much for my surprise! Is something wrong between these two?” That was Ashika.

How long are they going to be hush hush about it?” And this was Ameen.

The uneasy calm was not just inside the vehicle. The street which they had entered into seemed to have contracted it too. Amar, feeling more uneasy by the minute, decided to break the silence and turned on the music. The song that started playing, by all means, was not the ideal one for that moment.

Why do they even come up with stuff like this?” Ashika spoke first. That was a song she didn’t like.

Oh, well…” is all Amar could up with, in reply.

Ameen kept mum. Not that he didn’t care to respond, he loved music. In fact, he considered music as his religion and its practitioners as divine. He wasn’t paying full attention, distracted by the deserted street’s eerie stillness. His focus intent on the road, like he was driving through the peak hour Coimbatore traffic – which had started to assume Chennai like proportions.

Something doesn’t feel right. You guys OK?” Ashika quizzed.

Everything is cool, I guess” Amar spat out, after giving up on his wait for Ameen to say something.

Nothing is as it seems” said Ashika. These words actually echoed what was in the minds of all of them.

That’s right. Quiet you two, NOW!” Ameen uttered his first words, in a while, as he turned off the music. Amar and Ashika were taken aback. Ameen noticed what looked like an act of violence. Having had his own trysts with such dastardly acts and his distaste for them, he snapped.

Both of you stay right in here” he roared as he pulled over the car very close to the compound wall on the side of the road. He stepped out and locked it.

Barely few feet away a group of three, seemingly of the faith which Ameen belonged to, was attacking one man, lying lifeless on the ground. They were shouting slogans. There was no one around. Ameen’s dormant rage was rekindled. This was something he despised and had zero tolerance for.

He looked around for any kind of weapon and found a fairly big rock. He lifted it up and threw it towards them. It hit squarely on the knee of one assailant, who groaned and fell to the ground. The other two stopped attacking their victim and turned towards Ameen, their eyes filled with fury.

I do not like people who embrace violence and spread hatred. I can and will do my best to fight them” Ameen challenged them.

The evil souls started advancing towards him; they had cricket bats as weapon. Ameen did not even flinch He was ready to take them on; he would rather give up his life fighting against hate. One of them came running and swung the willow at him. Ameen sidestepped and kicked hard at his lower abdomen. The guy cowered, dropped the bat and fell along with it.

The other guy, meanwhile, had sneaked behind Ameen and struck the back of his neck with his piece of wood. Intense pain coursed through Ameen, but he stood steady. He swiveled around, just in time to block another attack. He yanked the bat off him, gave a firm blow with it across his face and sent him crashing down.

Ameen threw the bat at the downed opponent, unlocked the car and started making his way back. Amar, who had reluctantly held himself him back till then, stepped out and rushed towards Ameen, who was staggering with that hit he had taken. He caught up with him and tried to steady him. That is when he noticed one of the assailants, back on his feet, running towards them with the willow in his hand. Ashika noticed this too. Not Ameen, though.

“AMEEN!” there was a shrill cry.

—— End of Chapter 5 —–